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Recent Delights, Vol. 21. OMG so much pizza!

A fresh pasta dish I made at my cousin’s home in Oromocto. After a camping trip, I picked up some fantastic local tomatoes at a roadside farmer’s stand and headed to my cousin’s place to get some use out of a pasta roller she bought recently.  The pasta turned out great.  Simple and to the point, classic Italian.

Definitely my favourite image of the summer. One day I decided to make a club sandwich and was determined to eat it in the middle of Belleisle Bay, New Brunswick. Mission accomplished. I just sat there for a good half hour in perfectly still water, at least a kilometre of it in all directions, and had my lunch. What should I do to top it next summer?

Clams and chips from one of my favourite restaurants on the face of the earth, Ye Olde Towne Pub in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The perfect restaurant in the perfect setting.

Not my picture or my pizza. My daughter Alexandra, 6, made her pizza (okay, I helped stretch the dough, and shoved the finished pizza in the 550 F oven), then took a picture of it before she chowed down.

Wondering what to get the man who has everything for his birthday? I’m just fine with an awesome sandwich. My wife Lisa made this drop dead awesome, classic New Orleans muffaletta for my 43 birthday, which was big enough to share with some friends.  A celebration in a giant bun. Can’t beat that.

Finally got a chance to check out Grampy’s Yummy Pizza on Main Street North in Saint John over the summer. Got a slice and a coke for under $4 and it was fantastic pizza. Highly recommended, and you’re only a short drive from fabulous views of the St. John River where you can inhale a pie and take in the sights. Gotta love this place.

Dinner for five coming right up.  When an elegant dinner is in order, you make your own pizza! Weeeee!

Ribs. One of the highlights of summer barbecues. In a world of fast food, there’s nothing better than slowing life down to the pace of cooking really, really great ribs. Enjoy.

Rotisserie chicken. Over the winter, I popped into a Kent Home Improvement store for something that probably had to do with dealing with winter, and noticed they had electric rotisserie units on sale for only $10, down from around $60. Ten bucks! Well, I just had to grab one. In the spring I rigged up some chimney pipe to serve as a stand for the rotisserie unit on my 22-inch Weber kettle barbecue and the whole dealy wheelie worked like a charm. The BEST chicken ever. EVER.  Just shockingly great. Ten bucks!!!!

Apparently last Friday was the first day of fall. Well, here’s some fish chowder. Stay warm foodies!