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Recent Delights, Vol. 22.

Adding some magic to Atlantic Salmon in the form of curing. A super-easy gravlox, or cured smoked salmon. This is a cheater version that uses smoked paprika along with the salt, suger and pepper to give it a smokey and slightly smokey note. Wonderful stuff.  We inhaled all of it in two days.

Another easy but impressive dish, a chicken schnitzel. Squeeze on lemon, top with sauerkraut. Chomp.

Grilled cheese. Sometimes you just gotta.

A single falafel.  I started to make lunch one day and after frying one falafel, realized I didn’t have time to do the rest.  It was good! Left you wanting more.

Meatloaf sandwich. See grilled cheese above for full reasoning.

Saint John Ale House Chef Jesse Vergen’s take on the Maritime classic donair.  This one had lovely slices of roasted local lamb and a house-made donair sauce.  The dish was part of the Chop Chop food festival put on by local Saint John restaurants in November but has since re-appeared as a special at the Ale House. Try it!

Beetroot turnip pickle, or torshi lift as it’s also known.  These are those little pink pickles that are most often served with a shawarma.  An easy thing to make at home and great with any Middle Eastern dish you make.

Pizza. Like I’m going to do a recent delights post without pizza. Come on man. Come on.

Sausage and pepper sandwich. Start by frying a good quality Italian sausage, then add thinly sliced onions and mixed bell peppers. Saute until soft.  Slice the sausage and pile onto toast with the onions and peppers. Add cheese if that floats yer boat.

Memories of Thanksgiving. Slicing up the turkey.

Really nice shot of a burger.  I wish I could say I took it but my daughter Alexandra was the one with the camera in this case.  See below:

Shooting a burger. Always always always take pictures of your food. Always.  I can’t stress this enough.