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Hawk’s Friday Funk for April 16, 2010

It’s spring, so what better time for a funky worm.

Back in 1972, the Ohio Players put out this goofy two and a half minute tune, showing off both their sense of humour and sense of cool funk groove.   That soaring synth sound in the song has been sampled by hip hop artists many times – I remember NWA putting it to great use for “Dope Man” back in 1988 – but the original is still well worth a listen.

The Ohio Players put out two cool albums in 1972, one titled Pleasure and the other titled Pain, both with some cool cuts of raw funk.   By 1974 the Players got a bit more slick but were still great, putting out more classics like “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster”.

I managed somehow to find original vinyl copies of all their early albums and it’s cool to bump the Serato control vinyl off the turntable once in a while to make room for some real old school vinyl like this.  Check out 1972′s “Funky Worm”