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Hawk’s Friday Funk for April 2, 2010

Wah wah.

One of the great things about 70s funk was the fantastic, unapologetic use of the wah wah guitar.  Although it might seem a bit dated to that time, it still sends a chill up the spine of any proper funk fan.

Here’s a great example of it from Bobby Marchan, a singer that was better known for his Motown-type grooves in the 1960s but did a few fun and funky numbers in the early 70s.  One of my favourite all time tunes.

Push the Button definitely pushes all the right buttons, and be sure to look up Bobby’s “Bump Your Booty” from 1974 as well.  I’ve got an original 45 rpm record of that tune that is steadily climbing in value (I saw one record seller in France online today that had it listed at $260 U.S.. – holy crap!!).

Bobby Marchan – Push the Button