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Hawk’s Friday Funk for March 12, 2010

Skratch Bastid!   There are loads of great DJs across this great land but none quite like Bedford, Nova Scotia-born DJ Skratch Bastid.

His jaw-dropping show covers all kinds of genres while always propelling a hook that gets people on the dance floor.   You’ll hear James Brown and Parliament, old school  Spoonie G or the latest hip hop banger, plus everything from Black Sabbath and Nirvana to Johnny Cash and 60s doo wop.   And he makes it all work.

I first saw Skratch Bastid back in around 2002 when a friend and I dropped into the Khyber Cafe in Halifax.  A youthful Skratch Bastid was on the turntables, some rappers were dropping some rhymes and break dancers were carving up the dance floor.    Years later, he was booked for a show in Saint John and I loaned my turntables for the event.   Using all original vinyl from two milk crates, he totally killed it before a packed house.  I couldn’t believe what was happening on my very own turntables!

Skratch Bastid has been back to Saint John many times since and hits the stage tonight at Evolution Night Club (75 King Street, $10 advance at Mr. Nice Guy’s Smoke Shop or $15 at the door) with DJ B BADD and Contagious T opening up.  Show starts at 10 pm.

Check out this performance from last summer, after the release of Skratch Bastid’s latest mix, titled (110 per cent).  Too bad James Brown wasn’t around to see this!

See more at www.SkratchBastid.com