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Recent Delights Volume 20. Winter Warmers and the Like.

Chili? Nom city. I was actually testing out some new lighting equipment here and needed a fabulous subject.

A classic for good reason. Turkey and all the fixin’s. Delicious!

A well-balanced dinner is served. Well, the thighs are balanced on the drumstick at least.  A batch of my increasingly-famous fried chicken that’s popular the whole house over.

After a trip to Freak Lunchbox, my daughter came home with a handful of rockets, my favourite candy.  I don’t eat much candy, but inhale these little bad boys.

Pizzzzaaaa! A perennial favourite in my house.  Keep it simple, get high quality ingredients, definitely make your own dough and you’re good to go.


I’ve recently made a pledge to make my own sausage at home more often and boy howdy is it ever good. High quality ground pork is the vehicle for bright, spicy flavours of fennel, pepper, sage and other yummy seeds for a killer breakfast sausage sandwich.  Double stack it too!


A $9 hunk of local pepperoni Lisa came home with one evening in preparation for pizza night.  If you haven’t tried this, make a trip out to Kuinshoeve Meats in Rothesay and get yourself a roll of this peppery heaven.


Lasagna for one.  I had leftover Bolognese sauce in the fridge from a couple nights earlier so decided to use it to make a lasagna for myself for lunch one day.  With just five sheets of lasagna noodles, this whipped together fast and was great on a cold winter day.


My hash brown research project continues.  I’m still trying to find the very best method for producing the best hash browns.  So far, the research has been filling.  I’ll keep you all posted.


After reading recently about club sandwichs over at averagebetty.com, I of course had the craving to make one for myself.  I got for the triple-layer style and there simply has to be a side pickle.